PIG Sanitation

How dirty are your PIGs?

East Coast Nuclear Pharmacy’s proprietary use of the U.S. Patented sterilization process kills bacteria and viruses with the combination of a disinfectant and high washing temperature, providing an optimum level of sterilization. 

A high percentage of pigs with inserts are still contaminated with blood on arrival. According to a study, 5.8% of the insert pigs were found to be contaminated with blood before dose administration.1 Technologists and patients are exposed to a potential route of environmental transmission of bloodborne pathogens.

1. Pickett MW, Kosegi JE, Thomas KS, Waterstram–Rich KM. The Incidence of Blood Contamination of Lead Unit Dose Containers With and Without Single–Use Protective Inserts Used with Commercially Prepared Radiopharmaceutical Unit Doses. 1998. Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology. 3(26)201. 

Check out this independent study done by the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences on the effectiveness of disposable plastic inserts when it comes to blood contamination.

University of Arkansas & Indiana University Blood Contamination of Dose Containers