UPPI Partnership

East Coast Nuclear Pharmacy is a member of the second largest nuclear pharmacy group in the United States, United Pharmacy Partners, Inc. (UPPI).

UPPI and its network of nuclear pharmacies provide the national coverage needed to service large GPOs while maintaining the ability to offer local facilities the flexible options often required at the local level. UPPI members have access to the full scope of high quality radiopharmaceutical products for diagnostic and therapeutic uses and are able to provide the highest level of patient specific cost effective healthcare.

UPPI member nuclear pharmacies are your locally owned partners in healthcare with a vested interest in the local community. They provide unparalleled customer service, access to reimbursement specialists, continuing education support and clinical expertise. The purchasing power of the UPPI network of nuclear pharmacies provides a choice of products from multi-source supplier contracts which insure you, our customer, of the customized solution and high quality service you can rely upon for important, often life changing, decisions.

As an organization, UPPI is well positioned to assist Nuclear Pharmacy owners in promoting their businesses and in managing growth. Through its network of Nuclear Pharmacies, UPPI facilitates the open exchange of information, leading to the development of strategies that enhance the delivery of quality nuclear pharmacy services and insure improved patient outcomes.


UPPI provides East Coast Nuclear Pharmacy with the large buying power of a national supplier while maintaining customization for your department-keeping your budget right on track.